GGLA 2022

Los Angeles Bid for the 2022 Gay Games


GGLA 2022

Los Angeles Bid for the 2022 Gay Games

Digital Fundraising, Website and Marketing Collateral

The team behind the Los Angeles Volleyball Organization had a vision to bring the 2022 Gay Games to the City of Los Angeles.

I spearheaded the look for a social media campaign as one of the first initiatives, to help the organizers bring awareness and collect funds for the bid. The GGLA 2022 website was built to provide extensive information about the goals and motivation behind the bid and its importance for the City of Los Angeles.

A series of posters and social media posts were created with various calls to action, from donate, to volunteer. These sample ads and the website content were part of the grassroots campaign.


Los Angeles Bid for Gay Games 2022


Editorial Design
Social Media Campaign
Advertising Campaign
Brand Design


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