Paul Mitchell

Make Headlines Brochure


Paul Mitchell

Make Headlines Brochure

Editorial Design

Once a year the Make Headlines brochure is produced, with the intention of presenting Paul Mitchell products to the hairdresser community. The booklet succeeds at presenting the large variety of health and beauty aid products, but also makes a point by reinforcing the values of the company and its commitment to the environment.

I created a square format booklet where every opening spread highlights each of the line of products. The booklet highlights Tea Tree, Awapuhi, and Mitch among others. The brand is proud of its high-performance products that meet consumer satisfaction, combining luxury and top ingredients at an affordable price.

The PM company has created a culture that continues to give back on behalf of hairdressers everywhere, and on a promise to never test on animals (never did, never will).

The first priority for the company is and will always be the consumers, and the professional hairdresser community. PM thanks them for being the strength behind the bottle and for keeping the company’s mission alive and going strong.


Make Headlines Brochure


Editorial Design
Art Direction
Photo Editing


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