Testimonials //

What my clients have said //

Pleased with the work I've provided, some of my clients have taken the time to write testimonials on my behalf.

“Luis is an exceptional person and talent to have had on my team. His knowledge, aesthetic, empathy and incredible work ethic shine through in every project. He is kind, focused and a great team-player who manages his designers brilliantly and needs very little managing himself.”

“He is one-of-a-kind! I can't gush enough about him.”

Amy Neunsinger - founder + former chief creative officer, cocodot //

Testimonials //

“Luis listens to his clients. He can take in an enormous amount of information regarding a project and come up with a vision to meet a variety of objectives.”

“Luis always furthers your thinking beyond the assignment and uses the perfect balance of art, science and business to create an amazing medium of communication. Luis' talent is rare and he's a high value team contributor.”

Tracy Keim -
Global Account Director,
DonatWald + Haque

“We wanted a standout logo. Luis Rivera delivered to perfection. On time, with minimum fuss, optimum communication and maximum results.”

“All via email from the other side of the country.”

Trent Rhoton-
Ignite Productions

“Luis Rivera is a brilliant problem solver and creative thinker. He goes far beyond the assignment to bring you an array of solutions. I have worked with Luis on my high profile client program at Real Simple magazine. He starts from the point of solving a business problem or communications issue.”

“Then he delivers a wide array of smart, strategic design approaches on time and on budget. I highly recommend Luis Rivera."

Mary Gallatin -
President & Founder of Group Gallatin
Group Gallatin

“Luis exceeded our expectations on every project. With very little to work with, he was able to create assets that were beyond what we scoped out. He 'get's it' and needs very little guidance or managing to deliver a finished product.”

“Listening to our needs and the ability to adapt quickly is why we continue to work with Luis.”

Matthew Allard -

“The launch of the new design has been a great success, we have seen an increase in enquires and are convinced that the design which Luis Rivera produced has helped us to reach new areas of the market...”

“We enjoyed working with an individual who values design and functionality and who offered a professional and friendly service. We look forward to working with him in the future...”

Roy Spangenthal -
Chief Executive Officer,
Acuestic Records / Cooking in Concert

“I had the pleasure of working with Luis Rivera at PEOPLE magazine when I was creative development director.”

“He is a seasoned professional and a complete pleasure to work with. He has a wonderful design style and always manages to surprise.”

Jane O'Reilly -
Strategic Development Director
Women's Marketing Inc.

“We have absolutely loved working with Luis on SWA Club. What makes him so good? Where do we start... Ideas...”

“Luis loves ideas and gets as excited about them just as much as we do. Attitude really got our concept, he gained a real understanding of what we wanted to create and then went ahead and created it for us! Delivery... Luis delivers. And he delivers in a personalised way, making sure the design elements were to our satisfaction and exactly what we wanted. Want something changed? Luis will get it changed. Got a new idea? Tell him about it and he will get going on it. We love Luis Rivera and we look forward to working with him on SWA Club and the Star room over the coming years. We can't recommend him highly enough.”

Scott Storbo -
Managing Director
SWA Club & Star Room

“For each one of these projects he has gone beyond my expectations; he's listened carefully to my requests and injected his own flair and creativity to make each project special, the final result is absolutely outstanding. I sincerely hope there will be more projects to share with him in the next coming years.”

“His inspiration and passion achieved amazing results.”

Hugo Barrios -
Sonia's Pet Shop

“We have really enjoyed working with Luis to create our website."

“He was always friendly and responsive and understood the design needs of our organization. And best of all, our target users think the site looks great.”

Sarah Pimentel -
Managing Director

“Luis Rivera provided us with a stunning annual report - one which perfectly captured our brand image and what we're all about, which can be very tricky to produce graphically as we have found previously.”

“What's more, amendments and requests were completed precisely, and he made suggestions along the way on what he believed would improve the report. To top it off, Luis was extremely friendly and made the design and amendment process, which can become quite nitty gritty at times, very smooth. Thanks a million!”

Reyes Melendez -
Creative Director
Saint John Public Clinics

“It has been a pleasure working with Luis. He is very competent in all Adobe Creative Suite programs. I can't recommend him highly enough because he's a very creative designer, able to complete a project from start to finish.”

“While creating concepts for a project, he is able to execute them well. Additionally, his personality makes him easy to work with and he rolls up his sleeves until the job is delivered. ”

Janelle Bartulis -
Production Designer
John Paul Mitchell Systems

“Luis' work is both smart and sophisticated. His experience shows because his work is both aesthetically beautiful as well as completely functional for the viewer. He also has a natural eye for both typography as well as photography. Having all these qualities is a rare but wonderful combination.”

“I completely trust Luis with high-level projects and am looking forward to working with him again.”

Sandra Salerno Roth -
Creative Director,
Family Circle Magazine